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Every Black Mirror episode, ranked

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Yesterday we published a ranking of all six episodes in Black Mirror Season Four. Believe it or not, I just recently caught up with the show and got a little carried away. Today, may I present to you, my complete ranking of every Black Mirror episode produced thus far. Enjoy!   19th S4 E5 Metalhead: Either […]

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Black Mirror Season 4 rankings

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Over the Christmas break, Charlie Brooker and Netflix finally decided to release Season 4 of Black Mirror. We rank each episode from worst to best (in our honest opinions), because isn’t that what the Internet is for? So, before you jack-in, make sure you’re not already trapped inside a simulation. Spoilers within. 6. “Metalhead” David […]

One Mississippi Season 2

Matty’s Top 5 TV Shows of 2017

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Definitive and Comprehensive   At Binge With Me, both Michael and I have come up with our own Top Shows of 2017. My list includes shows that both surprised me and hooked me, hook, line and sinker. Without further ado, here are my winners of 2017.   Impressions: One Mississippi Season 2 5. One Mississippi took me by […]

Michael’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2017

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Completely objective and irrefutable   At Binge With Me, both Matty and I have come up with our own Top Shows of 2017. This year was tough with a lot of great television shows. And by a lot, I do mean a lot. This is the Golden Age of television after all. But if a […]

Doctor Who "Twice Upon A Time"

5 shows we’re watching this December

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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!   It’s that time of year, the one thing everyone’s been waiting for; Christmas Specials! Here’s hoping you can finally catch up on all that TV, besides enjoying the um, the outdoors of course! 1. Doctor Who “Twice Upon A Time” – 25 December 2017 It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Doctor […]

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5 shows we’re watching this November

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Remember, Remember! The 5th of November   It’s getting close to the end of the year, but that means nothing in TV Land with these five new shows airing next month which we can’t wait to sink our teeth into (sorry, Halloween was last month). Whether you’re after a Back to The Future parody or […]

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What we’re watching this October

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October brings us a number of shows including the appropriately themed Stranger Things 2. Heck, even the kids dress up as the Ghostbusters for Halloween! Here’s what’s on our radar this month. Ghosted Season 1 – 1 October Michael: Ghosted is a new show I’m curious about. Sure it’s an X-Files spoof, but with this cast it […]

Stephen Colbert is hosting the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards is just around the corner

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Stephen Colbert is hosting the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday, September 17th (US) where television’s biggest shows over the last year get their dues, or more often than not where deserving shows get snubbed. Below you can find each of the key Emmy categories and my predictions for the winners/who I personally think should win/some […]

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What we’re watching this September

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We’re going to try things a little differently this month. Instead of us trying to whittle a list of every show on the air—trust us, it’s hard work and we still miss shows—we’re going to name some of the shows airing in September that we’re watching already, or excited about watching. Which leads us to our […]

The Defenders on Netflix this August

What’s on the box this August

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Defenders Assemble! Oh wait, that’s the other guys… The Defenders makes it’s splash this month with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist finally teaming up against the baddies of New York City. One just happens to be Sigourney Weaver. Shows Premiering in August OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Season 1 – 1 August Hugely inspired […]