The End of the Fuc***ng World!

Review: The End of the F***ing World

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The End of the F***ing World gets straight to work in assuring us that it will be a fast-paced, edgy and cynical show. Stylistically, The End of the F***ing World is reminiscent of Wes Anderson films, though reminds me most of Richard Ayoade’s Submarine (2011) in the framing of the characters and the dominating presence […]

Hulu's Future Man

Review: Future Man

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Hulu’s Future Man is executive produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (and others), the duo behind Superbad and The Interview and most recently, the Preacher TV series. It follows their usual brand of ridiculous gross-out humour but still manages to retain some heart. Josh Hutcherson, “Peeta!” from the Hunger Games, is our lead as […]

Black Mirror logo

Every Black Mirror episode, ranked

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Yesterday we published a ranking of all six episodes in Black Mirror Season Four. Believe it or not, I just recently caught up with the show and got a little carried away. Today, may I present to you, my complete ranking of every Black Mirror episode produced thus far. Enjoy!   19th S4 E5 Metalhead: Either […]

Black Mirror

Black Mirror Season 4 rankings

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Over the Christmas break, Charlie Brooker and Netflix finally decided to release Season 4 of Black Mirror. We rank each episode from worst to best (in our honest opinions), because isn’t that what the Internet is for? So, before you jack-in, make sure you’re not already trapped inside a simulation. Spoilers within. 6. “Metalhead” David […]

One Mississippi Season 2

Matty’s Top 5 TV Shows of 2017

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Definitive and Comprehensive   At Binge With Me, both Michael and I have come up with our own Top Shows of 2017. My list includes shows that both surprised me and hooked me, hook, line and sinker. Without further ado, here are my winners of 2017.   Impressions: One Mississippi Season 2 5. One Mississippi took me by […]

Michael’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2017

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Completely objective and irrefutable   At Binge With Me, both Matty and I have come up with our own Top Shows of 2017. This year was tough with a lot of great television shows. And by a lot, I do mean a lot. This is the Golden Age of television after all. But if a […]

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Impressions: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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Bloody Marvellous   New York City, 1958. Miriam Maisel is the pinnacle of a perfect housewife. From a Jewish family living on the upper-east side, she watches her husband perform his stand-up routine eagerly in a sleazy downtime comedy club. From the writers of Gilmore Girls, the premise of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel already had everything I […]

Doctor Who "Twice Upon A Time"

5 shows we’re watching this December

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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!   It’s that time of year, the one thing everyone’s been waiting for; Christmas Specials! Here’s hoping you can finally catch up on all that TV, besides enjoying the um, the outdoors of course! 1. Doctor Who “Twice Upon A Time” – 25 December 2017 It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Doctor […]

"USS Callister" - Black Mirror Season 4

Black Mirror Season 4 is ‘probably’ coming this December

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Update: New trailers added. Netflix has teased out a series of trailers for upcoming episodes from Black Mirror Season 4 (four so far out of six). For a show that’s usually dark and terrifying, they missed Halloween this year, but Stranger Things did take its spot. Mind you, there was a particularly awesome Jon Hamm Black Mirror Christmas special […]