All the new shows teased at Comic-Con

Uh, ahem, there were a truck-load more trailers than we (and the website) could actually handle. So we have split all the Comic-Con trailers into new series and returning series, and added a couple we missed. Enjoy!

Happy! – 2017 (Syfy)

Future Man – November 14th (Hulu)

Knightfall – 2017 (History)

Ghost Wars – Fall 2017 (Syfy)

The Orville – September 10th (Fox)

Star Trek: Discovery – September 25th (CBS/Netflix)

Stargate: Origins – Fall 2017 (Stargate Command)

Krypton – 2018 (Syfy)

Inhumans – August 29th (ABC)

DuckTales – August 12th (Disney XD)

The Defenders – August 18th (Netflix)

The Gifted – October 2nd (Fox)

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