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What do we write?

ReviewsAt Binge With Me, we don’t review episode by episode. We offer spoiler-free reviews of entire seasons so you can see for yourself if you want to try out a show.


Recaps – We also write recaps for those that have seen an episode but want to read our full spoiler analysis! For season premieres we offer our first impressions of a show, wherever new, or back for a new season. We finish with a verdict of whether or not we will stick with these shows. These impressions may contain spoilers, but only for the first episode.


Features – These are our deep dives into particular shows or the world of television. These could range from lists of shows to check out, to why we’re excited for a show in development.


News – We won’t post every news item under the sun. But if a new show is announced, or a new trailer hits, we’ll be there.


Overlooked – Although we’re inundated with new shows every day, there are still some real gems out there we may have missed. We dig these up and explain why these shows deserve another chance.


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