One Mississippi Season 2

Definitive and Comprehensive


At Binge With Me, both Michael and I have come up with our own Top Shows of 2017. My list includes shows that both surprised me and hooked me, hook, line and sinker. Without further ado, here are my winners of 2017.


Impressions: One Mississippi Season 2

5. One Mississippi took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure if this would be my kind of thing, but it totally was. It’s dark, it’s depressing but ultimately it’s different, and that was what made it so enjoyable.


Review: Gypsy

4. Gypsy made it onto the list because it creeped me out SO much. I still think about the episodes even now, months later after watching, because of the way Naomi Watt’s character abuses the trust of her clients as the New York therapist. Unfortunately, much of the world including Netflix seemed to disagree with me, and a second season has been cancelled. It’s a shame because by the end of Season One, things were just getting even further out of control and I would love to have seen the aftermath.


Review: Jeff & Some Aliens

3. Jeff & Some Aliens had an expectedly weird premise from Adult Swim: Earth’s most average guy selected by aliens to be studied for research. However, about halfway into the season I realised that I was hooked, but it crept up on me. The show is funny in clever, subtle ways, and crude in more obvious ones. It started as a fill-in for Rick and Morty, but Jeff & Some Aliens really deserves appreciation in its own right.


Review: This Country

2. This Country really gave me a dose of something I’ve been missing for a while. It’s all well and good re-watching my old dry British comedies over and over, but it was really time for something fresh, and This Country brought it. Hilarious, satirical and a surprisingly heartwarming, I adored this short, mockumentary series.


Review: Big Mouth

1. Big Mouth appeared to be just another crude animated sitcom. I didn’t expect huge things, but I was delighted to find myself watching one of the most original comedy series I’ve seen for a really long time. Oh, and it is definitely crude. Not only are the character’s all too familiar and the stories somewhat relatable, there is also so much surreal ridiculousness that this show tops my list for just nailing every element. I’ve always liked Nick Kroll, but after watching Big Mouth I appreciate his work all the more. I can’t wait for more. If you only watch one new show from 2017, make it Big Mouth!


Honourable mentions


Game of Thrones didn’t make the cut. Like Mike, I hugely enjoyed aspects of the newest season, but there were just too many things I want to pick at for it to make my Top 5.

Rick and Morty had a similar problem. The new season of everyone’s favourite animation had some excellent episodes, but also some poorer ones. To really get deep into an analysis I would need to watch them all again. I’ll always love this show, but the new season just didn’t quite stand out enough to make the list.

Friends from College surprised me because I found it so much more engaging than I thought I would. It was a great watch that I would highly recommend, but not without its faults and weaker elements. I’ve got my eyes out for a second season though (as long as Netflix don’t pull another Gypsy!).