We all know Netflix’s Stranger Things was a hit last year. It scratched that 80’s nostalgia itch for many of us. A group of nerdy kids solving a government conspiracy cycling around town with their walkies and bumping into a kid with superpowers. Teens being hunted by a horrible creature from an alternate universe. Sounds like my weekend! *clashing cymbals*

Some weren’t swayed by its inspiration of John Carpenter & Steven Spielberg’s works including E.T. and The Thing. I mean it does hit a lot of those marks and I can see how some may feel manipulated. But there’s also a sincere love of the 80’s that pours through Stranger Things. I’m happy to be manipulated by the Duffer Bros. Let those puppet strings fly.

Season One was lightning in a bottle. I would’ve been happy if they ended it there and The Duffer Brothers let the sleepy town of Hawkins lie and took on something else. But no, this will be a direct continuation. Season two has some big boots to fill.

2017 will be the year of Season Two. There’s no confirmed release date as of yet, but to tide you over here are my predictions/all out guesses for how things will shake out.

Spoilers for Season One follow…



Barb back from the dead
Not going to happen. As much as the Internet (myself included) cried for Barb, I doubt of her return. She was unceremoniously killed off early in the series and promptly forgotten. Barb may be gone but she will remain forever in our hearts. Rest in peace Barb, well, as much as you can in the Upside Down. The Duffer Brothers have said in interviews that there will be justice for Barb, whatever that means.


Eleven back from the dead
So if they were to bring back a character from the brink of death, it makes sense for Eleven with her superpowers no? And those Eggos are a dead giveaway. Not sure why Eleven is hiding out in a box in the woods but I’m guessing she won’t be in there for long. Now since she has a greater understanding of her powers will she hesitate to use them, after you know, straight up murdering a bunch of dudes at the school? It may take some convincing, but really, put one of the boys in danger *cough* Mike *cough*, and she’ll be nose bleeding in no time.


Mike and Eleven will kiss
Oh wait, they already did that? Perhaps Eleven will initiate this time round, because that was some downright awkwardness. I know you’re only a kid Mike, but get some game!


Will becomes the next big bad
Poor Will Byers has had it rough. Season One, he’s kidnapped by a monster in the Upside Down. Next he might very well get possessed or turn into a monster himself. He could knowingly or unknowingly lead his friends into danger. Or perhaps these flashes of the Upside Down will help in whatever may come.



Joyce Byers will kick some ass
Season One wasn’t a walk in the park either for Joyce Byers, losing her son right at the start. Winona Ryder is great, but there’s only so much depressed mother I could take for a whole season. And now that Will is back *crosses fingers* here’s hoping she will be more badass in season two.


Jim Hopper re-enters fatherhood
One of my favourite characters from Stranger Things. I know it’s the old, white guy with the tragic backstory archetype, but him and Dustin really lighten up the mood when creatures come-a-killing. What will old Jim get up to? From the finale I would suspect him and Eleven have a closer relationship. Her filling in the place of his old daughter. And Jim will be more protective of her, putting himself in harm’s way, perhaps fatally?


Those darn kids will get into mischief again
Mike, Dustin and Lucas. They’re not having fun unless they’re going out on nighttime bike rides. Okay, there is the odd dungeons and dragons game, but nobody wants to watch that. I anticipate more bike chases in the boys’ future. Perhaps biking through the dark griminess that is the Upside Down?


And those teens will ALL DIE
Probably my least favourite part of Stranger Things. I didn’t like any of them. Apart from Barb, oh Barb. Nancy was cool and all until she LET BARB DIE. It was nice to see the reversal of Steve, the school bully, being actually not that bad. And Jonathan really is a creep-o with a camera. So it would be cool and all if the creature would come back and just wipe them off the face of the planet.


Bring it on Duffers.