Star Trek Discovery on CBS/Netflix
We’re going to try things a little differently this month. Instead of us trying to whittle a list of every show on the air—trust us, it’s hard work and we still miss shows—we’re going to name some of the shows airing in September that we’re watching already, or excited about watching. Which leads us to our first show…

Star Trek: Discovery

Season 1 – 25 September

Andrew: I don’t get excited about prequels much, usually anyway, but Star Trek: Discovery looks fairly good. I’m pretty hopeful about it, mostly because I have been a fan of science fiction since my teens. Like the recent films, Discovery looks like it might be more focused on action-packed space combat than diplomacy, exploration, or returning to Federation space, which might be a refreshing change.

Young Sheldon

Season 1 – 25 September

Andrew: Young Sheldon is another prequel I’m actually excited about since Sheldon is definitely one of the funniest characters from The Big Bang Theory. It should also be interesting to see a younger version of Sheldon because his adult-self has mentioned his childhood throughout the original series but never in great detail.

Top of the Lake: China Girl

Season 2 – 25 August

Michael: Typical Australia, always stealing our things. Okay, so it’s a BBC production, but still, Jane Campion is ours, you can’t have her! The name of the series is defunct now that they’ve moved from Queenstown to Bondi Beach, but the show still features that same nail-biting detective work, and of course, Elisabeth Moss bringing her A game for the second time this year after The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Good Place

Season 2 – 20 September

Michael: Because of the game-changer that was the season finale, it’s going to be hard to talk about this show now (no spoilers in the teaser below fyi). But this cast lead by Ted Danson and Kristen Bell and the creators from the Parks and Recreation team, have something absurdly special here. It’s not easy to make a fantasy-comedy work, but The Good Place pulled it off. Let’s see them do it again.