Okay, I wasn’t entirely done with the superhero shows. Runaways, a Marvel comic series started by Brian K. Vaughan is being made for television. Runaways is about a group of six friends who discover their parents are supervillains and well, run away. They steal things from their parents to give themselves an edge. One teen gets a pet dino!

I loved the comic series though I admit I dropped off after Brian left (and that Joss Whedon arc). In the earlier comics Brian often dropped references to the bigger Marvel superheroes which connected them to the wider universe but the Runaways were always super heroes with a difference. The group of kids was primarily made up of young women. They didn’t wear costumes and usually referred to each other with their real names. Okay, they’re not entirely normal. Some learn of their origins that their parents had been hiding from them, including special abilities like Gertrude’s telepathic link with her dino Old Lace.

Runaways is being made for Hulu. As you can see Marvel isn’t putting all their eggs into one basket. They still have their shows for Marvel on Netflix, Legion for FXAgents of SHIELD, and the sadly departed Agent Carter for ABC and of course all those animated series.



Runaways is interesting in the fact they were developing it into a film back in 2008 until it got pushed aside for The Avengers. Now things are finally moving, but for TV. The showrunners are Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl and The O.C). Schwartz also co-created spy-comedy Chuck, which was pleasing for the most part. We now have a full cast list including James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) as one of the evil parents.

I’m glad these showrunners have worked on more teen drama orientated shows, because I remember Runaways being about the teens and their relationships. Although it’s a Marvel property, Runaways is much less superheroy than their main output. Sure there was the odd battle here and there, but as with any ongoing story I kept coming back for the core group of characters; their friendships, their crushes, their betrayals.



Unlike the new show Powerless, which focuses on folks with no powers, I think Runaways would be a nice middle ground. It’s a simple story about teens who steal from their parents and vow to destroy their evil cult. I just hope the CG is watchable. That dino could break the show for me. Hell, make it a puppet and you’ll have no qualms from me.

Another Brian K. Vaughan series, Y: The Last Man (only my favourite comic series in existence), is still in development for FX, but news has been slow for a while. They finally got a showrunner last year in Michael Green, who is writing on a number of upcoming giant sci-fi films; Logan, Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2049.

If you like comics, you certainly have a lot on your plate.


Filming for the pilot began in February 2017 so if the show gets picked up I’m hoping we may see it end of this year, if not early next year.