"USS Callister" - Black Mirror Season 4

Update: New trailers added.

Netflix has teased out a series of trailers for upcoming episodes from Black Mirror Season 4 (four so far out of six). For a show that’s usually dark and terrifying, they missed Halloween this year, but Stranger Things did take its spot. Mind you, there was a particularly awesome Jon Hamm Black Mirror Christmas special in 2014 before it moved to Netflix.

This anthology season looks to continue the tradition of disturbing potential futures when technology advances. There’s even a Star Trek parody episode titled “USS Callister”that probably won’t be like Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville.

Show creator, Charlie Brooker, usually does Charlie Brooker’s Wipe in early January, going over all the big news of the year in a satirical fashion. But as  Season 4 is aiming to land in 2017, the Wipe won’t be going ahead this year.

Black Mirror Season 4 is ‘probably’ coming to Netflix in December 2017.