Forget all the teasers and the melting of ice with flamethrowers. We finally have an official trailer for the new Game of Thrones season.

As Queen Cersei puts it, enemies are literally on all sides of The Lannisters at King’s Landing. And they all want that throne. The Targaryens with Daenerys’ now fully grown dragons, an army of Unsullied and a mass of Dothraki. No surprises who has the upper hand here. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are leading an attack from Winterfell. The Night King and the White Walkers are going to get over/through that wall. Things are gonna go down.

With a reduced order of seven episodes, this season is the penultimate before its final eighth season next year. At this rate it looks like the series might get to the finish line before George R. R. Martin’s final book. C’mon George!

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres July 16th on HBO in the US and July 17th on Sky/Neon in NZ.