Hulu is really going after that Netflix money. There’s the Runaways show in production, and now a series based on Stephen King‘s collective works, titled CASTLE ROCK.

Executive produced by J.J Abrams. Bear in mind he attaches his name to a lot of projects regardless of whether or not he does anything on them. This follows up the previous Hulu collaboration 11.22.63, based on King’s book about travelling back in time to stop the JFK assassination (the series was a little boring truth be told). Bad Robot Productions is back on board. Castle Rock is being written by Manhattan creator Sam Shaw and Dusty Thomason.

From the trailer it looks like the series will be host to a number of well known King characters. Castle Rock is a fictional town in Maine which is referenced to in a number of his novels. Here’s hoping it’s more stand-alone episodes than mixing and mingling pre-established stories. I’m not sure if Carrie meeting Pennywise sounds like my cup of tea. This isn’t Freddy vs. Jason. And hey, isn’t there an IT remake coming out?



I actually made the rash decision last year to read Stephen King’s bibliography of novels from start to finish. And it is taking me as long as expected. I only finished Carrie and am a quarter way through Salem’s Lot. With all this TV it doesn’t give me that much time to read! So, fat chance of me finishing them before this new Castle Rock series and the first of the Dark Tower films arriving July 28 this year.