The CW is producing a new show set in the Supernatural universe. As reported by Deadline, it will be called Wayward Sisters and will focus on Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes).

There isn’t much information about Wayward Sisters yet, so it is unclear who the other main characters are, but it is rumoured that they will include Jody’s wards: Claire Novak (Kathryn Love Newton) and Annie Jones (Katherine Ramdeen). However, it’s safe to assume its theme will be similar to its parent show.

The initial reaction from Supernatural’s fan base upon learning about the project is somewhat mixed, with some feeling excited about it, while others aren’t getting their hopes up.

The reason some fans are feeling perplexed about the announcement is because this isn’t the first time Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has thought about expanding the franchise. Several attempts have been made at creating a successful spinoff already, but all of them were short-lived. These attempts were:

1) Ghostfacers (10 episodes).
2) Supernatural: The Anime Series (22 episodes).
3) Supernatural: Bloodlines (It was never picked up the network).

Wayward Sisters’ backdoor pilot episode is set to appear sometime during Supernatural’s thirteenth season, which will begin airing later this year.