Claire Foye in The Crown Season 2

The scary thing about shows returning is that it usually means another year has passed. Holy hell, it’s nearly Christmas. Here’s The Crown to shatter your illusion of time once more.

This season of The Crown marks Claire Foye’s last as she adjusts to her responsibilities before a time jump in Season 3. Then (December 2018?) we get Olivia Colman (Broadchurch) as an older Queen Elizabeth II.

John Lithgow won’t be returning as his delightful Winston Churchill, due to Churchill’s retirement at the end of last season. Matt Smith returns as Prince Philip, still frustrated at how restricted his life is due to Elizabeth’s new reign. Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) also knows a thing about those restrictions and continues to rebel against the Crown.

Matt Smith as Prince Phillip in The Crown Season 2
Just gaze at this pic of a bearded Matt Smith in a woollen jumper


The Crown Season 2 is coming to Netflix on 8 December 2017.