Based on the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale is coming to Hulu next month. The conceit of the novel is about a totalitarian society where the US government is overthrown and new laws are passed that effectively treat women as slaves. Some are kept as ‘handmaids’ for breeding.

Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men and Top of the Lake) is our leading protagonist as Offred, who is forced to be a handmaid after the revolution. Ann Dowd, who stunned us recently over on The Leftovers is the boss of the handmaids. Dowd does complicated baddies so very well.

With what’s happening over in America right now, and the continuing struggle for women’s rights around abortion, this series couldn’t have come at a better time. Looking forward to seeing the women strike back.


The Handmaid’s Tale premieres April 26th on Hulu.