The premise for Deception is something, to say the least. The show involves both criminals and law enforcement officials employing magicians to either perform a crime or to solve one. It’s almost a cross between The Mentalist and Scorpion.

The aforementioned shows involved law enforcement agencies employing consultants who possessed unique skill sets to capture elusive criminals. In the case of Deception, instead of using psychics or geniuses, a group of expert magicians are involved instead, which I can’t say I remember seeing before. More interestingly, the cases these illusionists are asked to help solve may involve the use of actual magic tricks. Sorry, illusions.

The traditional pairing of FBI Agent and… magician.

Cameron Black (Jack Cutmore-Scott) is a famous illusionist, and apparent leader of the group, and has been paired up with FBI agent Kay Daniels (IIifenesh Hadera). Their relationship seems similar to many other pairings in procedural crime dramas, such as the one between Patrick Jane and Teresa Libson from The Mentalist, so of course, there is a will-they-won’t-they romance emerging between the two.

Deception’s plot is fairly simple; Cameron and his team of illusionists help the FBI to solve cases.  Black wants to work for the FBI so he can clear his brother’s name and get him out of prison. It appears that they greatly upset a fellow magician, who appears to be a mysterious female illusionist. I want to find out why this woman has a grudge against the twins, which kind of reminds me of the vendetta Patrick Jane had against Red John in The Mentalist. I like The Mentalist, okay?

We’re serious. These aren’t trick guns, they shoot real bullets.

Because the show involves magicians, sorry, illusionists, it was quite amusing to see how Cameron and his team applied their knowledge of magic to help solve cases. It reminded me of a television show I watched when I was a child, where a master magician would reveal the secrets behind his tricks (probably one of these). The Alliance of Magicians might have something to say about that.

Only time will tell how creative the writers can be when it comes to the use of illusions and sleight of hand to capture the bad guys. Abracadabra.

Release Date
11 March 2018
Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”