Deep State is a modern-day spy thriller and even though it’s filled with clichés from its genre, it still might be worth your time. The show has a retired spy forced back into his old life, agents going rogue, and the bad guys developing a weapon of mass destruction. Nothing that would seem out of place in a season of 24.

Max Easton (Mark Strong) is living an idyllic life with his beautiful wife and two young daughters in the countryside until his past catches up to him and he is forced back into the world of espionage. Mark’s background and character is a bit of a cliche. There is no doubt he is a highly skilled operative who will triumph over all his foes after all, so I wonder if the writers have plans to make him more original than yet another Jack Bauer type.

Deep State
Mark Strong looks on into the distance—staunchly. Kingsman must’ve been tough on him.

Deep State‘s plot involves the Iranian government attempting to develop a nuclear weapon, despite having signed a treaty promising not to. In response, the CIA has sent in a team of its operatives to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. The operation appears to be going well until the team decides to go rogue for unknown reasons. This again sounds cliche, don’t you think?

And so Max is forced back into the world of spies in order to hunt down these rogue agents. It seems he was chosen for this task because of his personal connections to the people he is hunting, one of whom is his former protégé. Easton soon discovers that Harry Clarke (Joe Dempsie), was a part of the team, led by his former protégé, and has been “executed”. And so he gains another motive to hunt them down and begins to do so by calling on his former associates to help him.

Deep State
Karima McAdams takes cover in a firefight. Modelling Lara Croft really paid off for her.

Easton doesn’t seem to be motivated by nationalism or saving the world. He is driven by his selfish desire to preserve his peaceful lifestyle as well as to avenge his presumably fallen friend.

Deep State follows Max as he works to find out the truth, avenge his friend, and return to his family, so it should be interesting to see if he is able to all three of his objectives. The first season only has eight episodes, so I’m expecting each episode to be packed with both action and a moving plot because I have several questions I would like answered.

Why did the team go rogue, did they betray their country for money? Or were they betrayed? What else could be going on? Why does the CIA insist on having Easton being the one to hunt them down? Is Clarke really dead? I mean, you don’t get Joe Dempsie on your show only for him to disappear after one episode.