Barry Watson as Ricky Cooper with his three daughters in Date My Dad
Release Date
June 2nd, 2017
S01E01 “Pilot”

Stepping outside my comfort zone I felt like I needed to try and vary my television diet a bit more. So I decided to give new series Date My Dad a go.

Date My Dad is classified as a dramedy by US network UP. A dramedy is a mash-up of both the comedy and drama genres. I thought I enjoyed watching both comedies and dramas, so a combination of the two seemed like a great idea.

Gigi (8) in Date My Dad

The show primarily revolves around the lives of the Cooper family, which is comprised of widower Ricky Cooper (Barry Watson) and his three daughters Mirabel, Elisa, and Gigi. It turns out, the show just didn’t suit my tastes.

Ricky is yet another retired professional athlete. He is nearing his 40th birthday and struggling with that fact. As well as the tired athlete trope I also found his romantic history to be somewhat unoriginal.

In the beginning, Ricky was unable to move on from his wife’s death, Isabella, the mother of his children and high school sweetheart. Ricky’s mother-in-law, Rosa (Raquel Welch), had been acting as a stand-in parent and decides to move out, plunging Ricky back into the world of dating. The American suburban setting was all too familiar as well.

Mirabel (15), Elisa (12) and Gigi (8) in Date My Dad

Since it was supposed to contain some drama, I thought there might be some more conflict between the main characters, or at least focus more on the father’s internal struggles. There wasn’t, well, not much of it anyway.

The siblings’ relationships with each other appear to be healthy, so far at least. And by the end of the pilot, Ricky is ready to find love again. There were attempts at eliciting laughter from the audience, but overall I found the jokes to be quite dull.

Date My Dad does have its strong points. The theme is positive because it’s clear that each of the Coopers care deeply about each other’s happiness. Also, the content is suitable for people of all ages. I just didn’t find the premise or the execution of the first episode that appealing.