Naomi Watts on Netflix series Gypsy
Release Date
June 30th, 2017
S01E01 “The Rabbit Hole”

Created by Lisa Rubin, Gypsy is a new drama/thriller series starring Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway, a therapist who oversteps her professional relationship with her clients and delves into their lives. Naomi Watts can also be seen in a minor role on the currently airing Twin Peaks revival.

Jean is also a family woman, and between clients juggles the frustration of her husband Michael’s (Billy Crudup) busy work life and the threat of his young and attractive assistant, along with the potential health and identity issues faced by her young daughter.

Naomi Watts on Netflix series Gypsy

The first episode of Gypsy brings all of these aspects of Jean’s world into view as abruptly as possible. We cut swiftly between Jean chatting to different clients, then colleagues, then her husband, and then to the eerie scenes where she semi-stalks the mysterious and alluring Sidney (Sophie Cookson), ex-girlfriend of Jean’s highly unstable client Sam (Karl Glusman).

Initially, I wasn’t sold on the show. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Naomi Watts’ brittle character, who at this stage appears to be the typical strained, overworked and under-appreciated wife and mother looking for a way to reclaim a sense of power and youth. I didn’t buy it. I just found her character incredibly irritating.

Sophie Cookson and Naomi Watts on Netflix series Gypsy

However, within the span of a single hour-long episode, I became gradually more engaged as I realised this wasn’t just a warm up — Jean’s recklessness was already getting us somewhere and things were happening.

For the moment I can’t tell what direction the show is going to move in or how dramatic or eerie things will be. But for now, I am surprisingly intrigued by Gypsy and can see myself investing a few more hours in the show to see where it takes me.