Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway in Mr. Mercedes
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Release Date
August 9th, 2017
S01E01 ” Pilot”

Stephen King is one of the world’s most well-loved and prolific novelists, so it’s no surprise that so many of his works have been turned into either television shows or films. This year alone, there will be five film adaptions of his stories; The Dark Tower, IT, Gerald’s Game, Children of the Corn: Runaway, 1922), and three TV shows; Mist, Castle Rock, and of course, Mr. Mercedes.

I’m a pretty big fan of King’s novels, especially Carrie and Christine, but I haven’t read the Mr. Mercedes trilogy yet (it’s next on my list of books to read—I am currently working my way through The Stand). So I thought I would check out its pilot and then read the novel, in order to properly evaluate the season once it has ended.

Mr. Mercedes starts off as a pretty typical modern-day crime drama with an intro that could come straight out of CSI. A crowd, including a young mother and her infant, is waiting outside a job fair. Then, in his Mercedes, the titular character decides to try and run as many of them over as he can. The police investigate, but the killer is never caught.

Harry Treadaway in Mr. Mercedes

An unspecified amount of time later our hero is introduced. Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson), a retired police detective, is living alone in suburbia until the murderer decides to taunt him with a video. A game of cat-and-mouse between the two ensues.

It’s kind of obvious who was driving the car. It’s most likely Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway) who works at some low-paying job and is unsatisfied with his life. His motives are murky as well. Did he just kill a bunch of strangers in order to vent his frustrations?

I feel like I can predict how the series will end, even without touching the source material, but nevertheless, I think that Mr. Mercedes will be worth following, just to see how the game progresses.