These impressions contain spoilers for the first episode of Review ‘Season Three’.

Forrest MacNeil, life reviewer, is back for his last season of Review. I’ve enjoyed watching Review so far and have impatiently awaited the show’s return. Sadly, this is the final season. But this high concept was not designed to stick around for long and I’m sure Forrest will come to the same realisation by the series finale.

MacNeil (Andy Daly) is back from the dead after falling off a bridge into a river with producer Grant (James Urbaniak). Forrest survived the fall unscathed, but not everyone was so lucky. Grant is now paralysed from the waist down. We hear they were missing for months, but apart from Grant’s new condition, that event is barely mentioned and things are back to normal, relatively speaking.

Of course Forrest is still homeless after multiple traumatic events and is now living in Grant’s garage. Forrest is eager to get back to his show and although now has “unlimited vetoes” as insisted by the show’s lawyers, he has promised not to veto any suggestion that comes his way. It’s straight back into the fray for Forrest who answers viewer questions by getting out there and doing it, regardless of how much it destroys his own life.

First up is Eating a Locorito, which seems harmless enough at first blush, but the fast food chain has closed since the question was asked, and Forrest has to turn to a Craiglist hoarder to get a now mouldy taco. In true Review call back fashion Forrest turns up at his court hearing, after being convicted for murder last season. But is still reeling from that taco and spews over the jury.

Next, Putting a Pet to Sleep, co-host A.J. Gibbs (Megan Stevenson) immediately offers an alternative loop hole in literally putting a pet to sleep, as Forrest has done so in the past. But not this time, Forrest is determined to kill a pet. He comes across an unwanted pet lizard, Beyonce, and falls in love. Realizing he needs to finish the review and couldn’t possibly put down this very much alive lizard, he purchases an identical bearded dragon. He makes the mistake of putting them in the same enclosure and Beyonce is eaten alive. Poor, poor Forrest, soaring to such highs, only to come crashing back down to the cruelness of reality.

And in complete reverse to the above, in Making Your Dream Come True, Forrest takes this one literally and tries to have a dream he can re-enact, but his ex-wife Suzanne (Jessica St. Clair) keeps on popping up. Having wizened up to Forrest’s shenanigans she of course will want no part in his reviews. He eventually accomplishes his bizarre reenactment. This is the weaker of the reviews this episode but ties in more of Forrest’s personal life. It’s always a good reminder to see how much of a shambles his life is now due to his unwavering dedication to the show.

Andy Daly is incredible as the goofish but loveable Forrest. I was going to say innocent, but he has seen some stuff, man! The dark and quirky twists and turns have me coming back for more life lessons.

First Impressions: Review is back in true form. If you liked Forrest’s outings prior, you’re gonna wanna stick around for this final season.


Where to watch: Comedy Central