The CW (US), TVNZ (NZ)
Release Date
October 4th, 2016 – May 23rd, 2017
Binge time
16 hrs

A month ago, The Flash concluded its third run on television, and it has been confirmed that The CW has ordered at least another twenty-three episodes.

The season finale wrapped Savitar’s storyline and left some fans wondering whether Team Flash will change its line-up since Barry Allen is now locked away in the Speedforce, and Caitlin Snow has chosen to leave the team.

So if Allen is permanently stuck in the Speedforce, who will become the show’s titular character? In the comics there have been several other individuals who have taken up the moniker “The Flash“. One of them is Wally West and another is Jay Garrick. The former is the more likely candidate to become the next Flash because he is already known as “Kid Flash”. However, it is also equally likely that Barry will somehow get out of his current predicament.

Snow’s two personalities (Killer Frost and Caitlin) struggled for control throughout the season and continued to do so in the last episode. Caitlin is dominant for now, but the struggle is likely to continue, which makes it unclear whether she will be a villain or a hero in this upcoming season.

This season’s overarching storyline was brought to an end in this episode, but there were parts of the plot that are still confusing to me. For example, Savitar is one of the many time remnants Barry created to fight the self-proclaimed “God of Speed” after Iris is murdered, so why doesn’t present-day Barry just choose not to create the temporal clones of himself? Wouldn’t that erase Evil Barry from existence as well?

It is also unclear to me why Savitar’s prison within the Speedforce always needs an occupant because it seems to me that it was never created in the show’s timeline, so why does it still exist?

I did like this season and will most likely continue to watch The Flash, but I do hope its formula gets changed in the near future because every main antagonist so far has been a speedster, whose identity is at first annoyingly shrouded in secrecy.