If you’re reading this we hope you’re watching along with us. This Spoiler Dive contains spoilers (obviously) for ‘The Leftovers’ S03E05.

The Leftovers started airing April 16th on HBO.

We’ve fallen behind our week to week spoiler dive of The Leftovers, but we’re back for this Matt-centric episode. And boy is it an episode, what with lion themed orgies and even God makes an appearance.

Episode 5: It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World

This episode opens with a naked French sailor on a submarine detonating a nuclear missile. Now’s that’s a sentence. Thus in turn ending flights to and from Australia, beginning another episode where everything goes horribly wrong for Matt. Although to be fair, he does seek it out, to be challenged by God, which happens later, rather literally. It’s an odd scene, and like the drone bomb that obliterated the Guilty Remnant at the start of the season, seems oddly convenient, but that execution, mwahh!

The ever crafty Matt charts an “aid” plane, along with Laurie, John, and Michael, but can only land in Tasmania, where they need to chart a boat to Melbourne. As it happens a boat is heading there, but it’s also a lion themed orgy. Writing out what happens on The Leftovers is seriously making me question whether I dreamed this whole thing up.

The orgy participants worship Frasier, the lion ( an apparent descendant of the real-life Frasier, a rescued circus lion). Heck, there’s even a movie and a song about it. Then there’s an uncomfortable scene where Matt uses Frasier’s name after hours and is almost forced to, ahem, spread his seed, into a lioness craft project. Fortunately this isn’t the episode where Liv Tyler rapes Tommy in the back of a van (see season two), and Matt breaks out of his noose.

On the boat Matt meets an Australian who calls himself God after “coming back from the dead” after a rock climbing accident. This infuriates Matt, and after seeing him throw a man overboard, it all comes to a head. Matt hits him over the head and ties him up outside Frasier’s cage. Determined to make God AKA David Burton fess to his crimes, Matt ends up seeking God’s guidance and comes to the realisation he’s not been doing things for God, but for himself. He lets God go, only for him to be attacked on shore by an on-the-loose Frasier.

I’m happy for Matt he’s let it all go. Just a shame he’s dying. I’m usually put off by Christopher Eccleston on the show. I have nothing against Christopher, but Matt gets on everyone’s nerves, especially Nora and Kevin’s. His agenda is always his own. But his stand-alone episodes really are phenomenal, and he usually does learn something at the end.


So, what’s next for this final season?

  • Has Matt actually let it all go? He came this far, and now he’s just going to see the Melbourne sights maybe? Explore Federation Square?
  • When they finally find Kevin will he come back to Miracle with them? From everything we’ve seen so far it looks like this is all going to end in Australia. I mean, they did just fly all the main players over!
  • Was David Burton actually God? He appeared in Kevin’s visits to the hotel in the other place, strange for a man he’d never met.
  • Is Nora still determined to get vaporised, or is that all over now and she just wants to expose the scientists?
  • And what does Kevin Senior want to do with Kevin, after his rain song collecting went pear shaped? I have a feeling we’re going to see more of Grace.