Westworld Season 2

Onto Episode Two, “Reunion”. We had more questions than answers in the premiere, let’s hope we’re starting to get some answers now. Maybe… Spoilers follow.

No Bernard this episode?
Nor Charlotte. And I was so certain he was going to be our slightly off-kilter anchor for this season. We do see Jeffrey Wright but this is more likely Arnold (Bernard’s template) as he shows Delores outside the park, the first time we get a good glimpse of the outside world, even if it is just a city of lights.

A few time jumps huh?
It wouldn’t be Westworld without screwing around with time. We see Will (Jimmi Simpson) before visiting the park, and Logan (Ben Barnes), seduced by the technology of the hosts. In another scene we see Will post Season One, back in Sweetwater persuading his wife’s father (also Logan’s father), James Delos, to invest in the park. The last we saw of Logan was in the park being tied to a horse and sent off into the distance. We see him at Delos’ retirement party, so obviously he was rescued at some point and now lounges around taking copious amounts of drugs.

Now we know more about this spying business.
It was a way to sell the idea of investing in the park to James Delos as a way of seeing people’s true desires and bring in a whole new level of targeted advertising. But as we saw in the last episode, harvesting guest DNA is a whole ‘nother level above simple advertising. But now William wants to destroy the park, could this be a reason why? Does he have a conscience after all?

It’s Giancarlo Esposito!
Well, it was. That was fun while it lasted. They brought him on the show for a single sequence cameo. A brilliant sequence no less but Gincarlo could have been a fun addition to the show, while also playing Gus on Better Call Saul. Perhaps there were some timeslot clashes in Gincarlo’s schedule… Alas, I enjoyed his commanding presence for all of five minutes!

Logan says something about the end of the world. What’s all that about?
While we don’t know when Westworld is set, it’s probably set in our world with our current problems more amplified, i.e. climate change. Perhaps this is a comment at indulging in the pleasures of robotics instead of actually trying to help the planet. Or I’m just reading into this a little too much and Logan was just predicting the uprising of Artificial Intelligence.

What is William’s “greatest mistake”?
Wouldn’t that be falling in love with Delores? But it’s a place… In the past we get a glimpse of diggers excavating a site in the park’s desert landscape. That’s where older William is now headed.

What could this “weapon” possibly be?
Knowing Westworld and the “maze” that isn’t a maze, this is sure to be something that’s not just a giant gun. This has to be the place that is William’s greatest mistake. It’s definitely a weapon, but of what making? If I had to hazard a guess maybe it’s a place to communicate with the outside world, and that would prove problematic if the hosts were to reveal their self-awareness to the wider population. Either way, Delores and William are bound to meet up again and Delores finally has the upper hand.

Still no Shōgun world?
In the words of James Delos, “Some of us can afford to have more patience than others.”

Westworld Season 2 "Reunion"
William (Jimmi Simpson) creepily watches Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) play the piano at James Delos’ retirement party in the real world.