Westworld Season 2

Onward with Episode Three, “Virtù e Fortuna”. Stuff is really starting to happen now: old weapon vs. new weapon skirmishes, flamethrowers, tigers and elephants. What more could you want?

More like Eastworld amirite?
Please don’t. We do get introduced to a colonial India (The Raj) and the source of our washed up bengal tiger, as well as Grace, a presumably human guest. She didn’t do the gun test on herself did she?

Right at the end we get our first glimpse at samurai from the Shōgunworld we’ve been so craving. Not long now until that episode entirely in Japanese.

So has Ford’s host awakening spread across parks?
With one of the Indian hosts repeating “These violent delights have violent ends” and killing guests it sure looks like it.

We have a new hero!
That was admittedly funny if a little out of place in the show; Bernard reprogramming mutton-chopped, milk-stealing, violent-criminal, Rebus, to become a cartoonishly virtuous gunslinger. It certainly feels weird to now be rooting for this guy who’s committed some unspeakable acts to both hosts and guests alike, but who knows how long he’ll survive now with his overabundant confidence.

We get some of old Dolores!
I had been lamenting the fact we had too much of stonecold Wyatt and not enough of the Dolores we got to know and love. But with the return of her father Peter Abernathy, the old Dolores comes out, complete with farmer’s daughter accent. This lasts all of five seconds before Abernathy is kidnaped by Charlotte and Dolores’ personality vanishes along with him.

Speaking of Abernathy, what’s he hiding in there?
Perhaps all that guest data they’ve been hoarding over the years and a one-time-use key to release it? Whatever it is Bernard sure seems worried. But if Abernathy’s got the data what could William’s mistake/Dolores’ weapon be? Please don’t be just a giant gun!

Is Ghost Nation going to factor more here?
In this episode we do get a brief encounter with Ghost Nation that results in cool, calm and collected Maeve having a panic attack and everyone escaping underground.

Twilight star Julia Jones and Zahn McClarnon were cast for this season and we are bound to see more of Martin Sensmeier who has been bumped to a recurring role (as well as the news of producing a film with Angelina Jolie  — grats Martin!).

Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) flips the bird.