Westworld Season 2

We’re nearing the halfway point with Episode Four, “The Riddle of the Sphinx”. There’s a haunting self-contained story in this one as well as the usual Westworld discoveries.

Westworld has gone full Black Mirror huh?
Oh, you mean the inserting of consciousness into a machine, that sort of thing? As obvious as it all turns out, from the starting moments of revealing reincarnated James Delos’ prison to his eventual appearance in our modern day Westworld, well one of the recent timelines, I loved every Black Mirror minute of it.

Elsie is back!
Shannon Woodward made no bones about it, Elsie made it through being strangled by Bernard (controlled by Ford) in Season One and has been subsisting on protein bars this whole time.

But where are my samurai???
Next episode, I promise.

A directorial debut!
This was the first Westworld episode directed by show co-creator Lisa Joy. Not even Jonathan Nolan has an episode this season. But not only that, this is the first time Joy has a directing credit to her name. And what an episode to take on moving from Western to sci-fi to horror.

Inside the mind factory
We get an inside look at a hidden mind factory where Bernard has caused some serious carnage. Is this bunker where William and Dolores are headed? It would make sense, this being William’s biggest mistake, and as a potential weapon. But is there anything left for them now? And who on earth is Bernard going to put inside a Host-body? Which guests do we even have left at this point? And there’s the age-old philosophical question; if you move a mind are you really just copying it, and destroying the original?

Hello daughter.
Yup, in a surprise to no one Katja Herbers somehow swam from The Raj to Westworld after being chased by a bengal tiger only to be kidnapped by Ghost Nation only to escape and meet The Man in Black on horseback, also known as daddy. I actually forgot about William’s wife, Juliet, and her suicide. I expect there will be some blaming of William and as he admits this episode, he probably deserves it.

Peter Mullan on Westworld Season 2
James Delos (Peter Mullan) cheats the Devil and thus owes an offering. Little did Jim know the offering was far greater than a little scotch whisky.