Westworld Season 2

We’re finally here, ‘Shogun World’. Not many new theories raised this episode but we certainly get some fun in a whole new world set in feudal Japan with feuding samurai, ninja and geisha.

Just look at all these wonderful Japanese actors.
We meet a bunch of new Hosts: Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim) as Akane, Hiroyuki Sanada (The Wolverine) as Musashi, and Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine) as Hanaryo. Each plays as a dopplegänger to Maeve, Hector and Armistice, respectively.

And some that don’t make it past this episode (probably).

How many lazy storylines has Lee Sizemore repurposed?
I can only imagine. But you have to admit it was fun seeing the same scene played out again with whole ‘new’ characters. I just hope they’re not ‘exactly’ the same because I’ve already grown attached to our Japanese characters and you can only play out that amusing gimmick for so long. And I hope Sakura isn’t dead, dead. As we’ve seen previously, the only surefire way to kill a host is to blow them up!

I thought you said this episode was going to be entirely in Japanese?
The Nolans have fooled me again! It’s a shame but there is a lot of Japanese spoken here. It’s handy Maeve can just switch it on like that. It was inside her all along. It’s worth knowing that Lee was behind the writing so Shogun World wouldn’t be like actual feudal Japan, and it’s really Japan seen through a Western lens, much like colonial India in The Raj. I mean, it could also be seen as a lazy cop-out for the writers to tell an actual Japanese story but in this specific instance, the parallels between each world is a fun approach. And along with acting Sanada has been helping out with tiny inaccuracies on set.

Dolores really is far gone now, huh?
Extremely. Right after — ahem — having their corn ground, she practically kills Teddy in cold blood, okay, changes his personality, same thing. Though I’ll be sad to see our kind-hearted teddy bear go I’m excited to see what he does next. He’s been practically passive up until now, following Dolores around like a lost puppy. Although, as we’ve already seen glimpses of the future, it might not come up roses for our poor Teddy.

Maeve has some cool new powers now.
I wonder if it has something to do with the mesh network Bernard was talking about earlier… Maeve harnesses it, almost accidentally, to control whoever she pleases in her immediate vicinity. And uses it mostly to make them slaughter each other. Talk about cheat codes.

Westworld Season 2
Akane (Rinko Kikuchi) is Shogun World’s ‘Mariposa madam’, a geisha and Maeve’s dopplegänger.