Westworld Season 2

So that Shogun episode was a nice distraction. Now here are all our characters back again in one of the messiest episodes yet. And I do mean messy in both senses of the word, there’s a decapitation early on.

So that’s it, that’s all we’re getting from Shogun World?
It looks like it. Maeve and company quickly gets on outta there. And our two new faves, Akane and Musashi stay behind to defend their own land. And Sakura really is dead, dead. Akane literally pulls out her heart, not that she needs that to keep going. She says, “We each deserve to choose our own fate, even if that fate is death”. I don’t think Sakura got much of a choice, you guys.

Dolores doesn’t like the new Teddy
I don’t know what she thought would happen janking up his settings like that. He’s now aware of every death he’s experienced, and judging just from what we saw in Season 1, it’s a lot. Then he goes and shoots a tech in cold blood.

What did Maeve think was going to happen?
I see a common theme here this episode, Hosts we thought were “enlightened” act very surprised. Maeve’s daughter, of course, has a new mother back at their old house. Not that Maeve cares because in seconds of Ghost Nation arriving she escapes with her daughter, leaving the new mother for dead. What happened to those newfound mind control powers? She appears to be able to speak Lakota now but it’s not exactly like they’re trying to hurt them.

Umm this Cradle thing is kinda out there
Yeah, it would’ve been good if we were introduced to this concept earlier; a Westworld simulation, a backup full of Host data. And it’s somehow messing with the real Westworld. In the very first episode of this season that’s Dolores/Wyatt inside the Cradle trying to awaken Arnold inside of Bernard, or something like that. From the aspect ratio changing, it’s a sign we’re in the Matrix so to speak. The creators attempt to explain it but who knows what the rules are now?

Oh and looky here, it’s Ford.
Sure Robert Ford’s body might be gone, but he’s preserved his mind. Because of course he did. Anthony Hopkins teased this reveal on Twitter, playing the same song he plays this episode, how very in character. Again, like in a flashback earlier this season it is a reflection for whatever reason. Is it for money-saving purposes or just to reduce the likelihood of a spoiler leak? I’m guessing we will get Anthony Hopkins back in full body, well… full virtual body, in the next few episodes before Cradle is destroyed.

Westworld Season 2
Bernard’s in the cradle (CR4-DL), and what a cosy looking cradle it is too.