Westworld Season 2

Westworld is back and so here’s a questionnaire covering your most pressing Westworld questions (probably). Spoilers obviously.


Are Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy messing with us again?
Undoubtedly so. Our narrator is suffering memory distortions and loss of time, so… not the most reliable of sources.

No Anthony Hopkins?
Nope, dead and gone. They even go so far as destroying the bot version of him (sorry, “host”).

Where’s my Shōgun World?
If the Bengal tiger is any indication, it’s coming.

So, Evan Rachel Wood is a bit scary…
Very kickass but sadly Dolores isn’t a very interesting character to follow when vengeance seems to be her only goal. Even though lost and confused Dolores from Season One wasn’t the easiest to follow at times, I still miss her.

Another gorram maze?
Yup, it seems the Man in Black can’t only be satisfied with the game becoming real.

Is Bernard our main character now?
With young Will out of the picture, it seems like it. But Maeve also has a large arc this season; finding her daughter.

What’s going on with this gathering of “guest” DNA?
Maybe the next big thing after bots are clones? Or is this some kind of blackmail situation? With the recent Facebook privacy controversy it’s not overly surprising it’s a happening thing.

Most importantly, is this show still worth watching?
With Game of Thrones a year away, what else are you going to watch? But yeah, so far it seems the sci-fi premise is still ripe for the picking and so are the questions, boy are there questions.

Westworld Season 2
Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) has some secrets but so does Charlotte (Tessa Thompson).