Jamie Campbell Bower and Laurie Davidson in Will

“Shakespeare Sux”

Will: Season One

Release Date
10 July – 4 September 2017
Binge Time
8 hours 30 mins

In my previous post about Will I expressed my curiosity about how this season’s events would unfold, especially considering it is a made-up version of William Shakespeare’s life. Some of the episodes were a bit unusual, while others plain dull. The ending was touching but ultimately predictable.

Spoilers to follow.

Will’s romantic affair with Alice was trite. It ended almost as quickly as it began, with serious ramifications for the both of them. On the other hand, Will managed to successfully keep his religious affiliation hidden, for the most part. Marlowe remained a mystery from beginning till end, though he never did betray Will.

Laurie Davidson in Will

The persecution experienced by the Catholics at the hands of the Protestants was a recurring theme throughout the season. Basically, it was always members of one group being abused by the other, and poorly executed overall.

It seemed the writers started to run out of story ideas after a few episodes. One episode involved most of the main characters attending a party that was strangely reminiscent of something one would see in a teen movie from the 90’s. This was extremely odd considering it’s supposed to be the 16th century.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” is the show’s final message for this season, judging by its finale anyway. The end result was anti-climatic. The bad guy simply loses his job and any chance of achieving his vision for Britain.

The future misadventures of Young Will will remain untold. Due to low ratings, TNT canceled Will after its first season.