Comedy Central (US) (NZ)
Release Date
January 11th, 2017
Binge time
3 hrs 40 mins

Created by Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli, Jeff & Some Aliens is a crude and unapologetic “adult” animated sitcom about Jeff Mahony (voiced by Brett Gelman), a deadbeat bachelor being studied as “earth’s most average guy” by his three alien roommates Jimmy, Ted and Sammy (Minoli).

In addition to the stresses of working as a manager at a smoothie bar, getting high and playing the bongos, Jeff is frequently burdened with the task of proving humankind’s worth to the Galactic Council to avoid global genocide. Otherwise, he can be often found getting himself into a whole lot of trouble abusing the advanced technology of his alien friends to improve his miserable existence.

I am pleased, and in all honesty, a little relieved, to say that this show was good. Genuinely good. I found Jeff & Some Aliens whilst on the hunt for a Rick and Morty fix, and though I hesitate to say it filled the gaping hole that Rick and Morty left in my life, it was certainly of a similar enough ilk that it numbed the pain for a few hours. There are elements of the show’s plot and style that are similar, but Jeff & Some Aliens was most definitely funny and different enough to be enjoyed on its own terms.

While the series is obviously intended to be simple mindless fun, the best moments occur while Jeff is trying, and often failing, to provide a solid reason for why the entire human race shouldn’t be obliterated. At times you can’t help but agree that we’re all worthless, and the Galactic Council would probably be doing us a favour with a swift extermination. Otherwise, all aspects of modern human life (work, families, dating) get a good grilling through Jeff’s hopelessness and give rise to some hearty chuckles.

Jeff & Some Aliens is consistently funny with a sprinkling of something a little more clever, and is great easy-watching material. I recommend this show to anyone looking for something ridiculous and lighthearted that’ll leave you feeling a just little bit dirty.