Jodie Whittaker in BBC One's Trust Me

“Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”

BBC One (UK)
Release Date
8 August – 29 August, 2017
Binge time
4 hours

It’s kind of ironic that this show is titled Trust Me, because it’s pretty clear that most of its main characters aren’t entirely trustworthy. As the old saying goes, “Trust me, I’m a doctor,” ain’t exactly reliable.

Trust Me is a medical drama miniseries set in Edinburgh that focuses on Cath Hardacre (Jodie Whittaker, Broadchurch). Whittaker gets to play a doctor here before taking over the mantle as “The Doctor” on cult sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Jodie Whittaker plays as signgle mother Cath in BBC One's Trust Me

Cath is a whistleblower who loses her job as a nurse and promptly decides to become a doctor. However, instead of going to medical school, she takes a shortcut and uses her best friend’s CV to become an emergency room doctor.

At a hospital in Edinburgh, she becomes Alison Sutton. Cath’s situation is fairly easy to sympathize with since it’s understandable why she did what she did. Her nursing career was seemingly dead, she had a young daughter and a sick father to provide for.

Jodie Whittaker and Emun Elliott in BBC One's Trust Me

Cath becomes close to Dr Andy Brenner (Emun Elliot), leading to him becoming suspicious of her credentials. Cath’s supervising doctor, Brigitte Rayne (Sharon Small) also leads Cath further into a rocky situation.

Trust Me is basically about a desperate single mother who tries to do what she thinks is right. Several of Trust Me’s episodes were much more dramatic than others, which made its pace feel erratic.